About Guggy

Guggy is the leader in smart predictive GIFs.

We use a messaging-oriented NLP engine to analyze a text message, find a relevant GIF and recreate it in real-time with the text on it.

With Guggy, text is expressed in a graphically, engaging way and enhances messaging experience across multiple apps and platforms.

Use these docs to learn how to integrate Guggy into your product.

Integrating Guggy in your project

Guggy is available in a wide range of platforms.

Browse our docs to find the platform of your needs.

If what you need is missing, contact us at support@guggy.com


Guggy SDK & API allows you to transform a sentence into a GIF or a sticker, for which the media will be automatically selected based on the context.


Here you will find Guggy SDK Documentation.

Getting an API Key

Our API is free. Contact us at api@guggy.com to retrieve an API Key.


For any questions or support, contact support@guggy.com

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