Getting Started

Including Guggy in your project

Guggy SDK is based on the Swift 3 language.

In your podfile, insert the following line:

pod 'guggysdk' , "~> 1.0.10"

In every file referencing Guggy add the following

import guggysdk

In a starting point in your app make the following call:

try! Guggy.initialize(YOUR_API_KEY_HERE) // Throws an AlreadyInitialized error

In an exiting point in your app make the following call:


Creating GIFs

Build a GuggyRequest object and then make a call to createGug().

The returned GuggyResult will contain all possible URLs of stickers and animated GIFs in several formats and profiles.

createGug(GuggyRequest, (GuggyResult?) -> Void)

The GuggyRequestBuilder supports these methods:

sentence(String) - The text to be overlaid on the media and to be used when extracting context

hiddenMeaning(String) - Adds a hidden meaning, such that the background media will be chosen by it, but the sentence() text will appear on the media

noText() - Requests that no text will be attached to media

invertMeaning() - Directs the engine to extract inverted/cynical contexts

lang(String) - Allows sending two character ISO 639-1 language code that will direct Guggy to use a specific language when extracting context and trending content


let request = GuggyRequestBuilder()

Guggy.createGug(request) { guggyResult in

    // Handle result
     // Example 1: Get all animated GIF previews
    for animatedResult in result.animated! {

        let previewURL = animatedResult.gif?.preview?.url

        // Show preview


    // Get the final result URL of the preview to be used once the user chosen
    let finalURL = guggyResult.animated?[0].gif?.lowQuality?.url

    // Example 2: Get first result of a sticker in webp format, original profile

    // Example 3: Get first result of an animated preview of a mp4 format with a secure URL (https)


To get trending sentences don't include a sentence() call in the request builder.

Providing a lang parameter will affect the results.