Including Guggy

Our SDK is currently being upgraded to a new major version and will be updated within the next few days

NPM Module

npm install --save @guggy/guggy-js-sdk

Including the SDK in your site

Include the script tag:

<script src=""></script>

Initializing Guggy

Options are:

apiKey - Mandatory

onStart - Optional callback to be excuted when the GIF generation starts.

userId - A unique identifier of your user


Creating GIFs

If you're using the direct API, just initialize with the apiKey option.

Then call Guggy whenever's needed:

Guggy.createGug(sentence, function (result, err) {
   // Handle result

Previewing background GIF

You can preview the background GIF as the user types.

The preview is in mp4 format.

Call Guggy.onType on your keyDown or equivalent event.

Parameters that will be passed to the callback:

mediaItem - The media item containing the url of the video which matches the preview. Will be null if the context extracted is equal to the last result.

Guggy.onType(input.value, function (mediaItem) {

    if (mediaItem) {

        someVideoElement.src = mediaItem.url;



Calling Guggy.createGug() will produce the GIF according the last result previewed.

Getting a random GIF

If you need an initial GIF to show in the preview before the user is typing, call:

Guggy.getRandomGIF(function(item, err){

    someVideoElement.src = item.url;